Investing Under the IFRS 9 Regime- Imperatives for Pension Fund Managers

In July 2019, we held the first ever regulator-investors convening in the Pension Funds Industry – The roundtable discussion themed “Investing Under the IFRS 9 Regime- Imperatives for Pension Fund Managers” focused on the need for the development of a uniform Expected Credit Loss (ECL) model regulators to be shared with PFAs for use in determining pricing on corporate debt instruments in addition to a framework with minimum standards for inputs required in determining ECL (i.e. probability of defaults PDs) . It was the first time in the history of the pension fund industry that there was such a convening of regulators and pension fund managers. As a result of this roundtable discussion, there is an ongoing process to contract independent consultants who will develop a unified IFRS 9 investment framework that will be adopted industry wide.


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