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In a bid to bridge the skill gap in the industry associated with infrastructure project financing, InfraCredit has identified the need for an intervention that implements a roadmap of competencies from cradle to growth for budding project finance professionals. Internship candidates are exposed to a series of key trainings as well as on-the-job experiences that groom them for their professional journey.

The STAR Academy stands at the core of InfraCredit’s People Strategy, forming an integral part of our medium to long-term approach aimed at strengthening our human capital to support a sustainable business.

The STAR Academy is designed to nurture high-potential individuals from Cradle to Growth, shaping them into world-class talent with the exceptional capabilities required for InfraCredit’s unique business operations.

The Academy focuses on equipping interns with technical, work, and soft skills, aligning their personal development with InfraCredit’s strategic objectives.

This methodical and experiential learning experience ensures a direct link between the acquired skills and our outcome-driven training process, intended to consistently produce proficient analysts capable of swiftly transitioning into pivotal roles within our organization.

The STAR Academy employs a 70-20-10 training strategy, offering our interns a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience, with 70% dedicated to hands-on learning, 20% to collaborative interactions, and 10% to formal training sessions.

Since its establishment in 2020, the STAR Academy has successfully trained 20 interns, with an average age of 25. Through this initiative, we maintain our steadfast commitment to nurturing talent that not only meets but surpasses the demands of our ever-evolving business landscape.

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