Our Guarantee

InfraCredit’s guarantee is irrevocable and unconditional (and waives all defenses, including fraud) and results in the guarantor stepping into the shoes of the issuer by guaranteeing payments in accordance with the original transaction schedule on a timely basis under a Deed of Guarantee entered into between InfraCredit and the Trustee.

InfraCredit’s guarantee obligations will be secured with a right to reimbursement of any amount paid against the Issuer under a Recourse Agreement entered into between InfraCredit and the Issuer; and further secured with a first fixed charge (legal mortgage) on specific property/assets of the Issuer, and/or a first floating charge over the rest of its assets under a Security Deed (or Security Sharing Agreement and/or Intercreditor Deed)

Structural Example

InfraCredit’s guarantee provides investors with timely payment of principal and/or interest


Key Features

Guarantee Features

  • Irrevocable & Unconditional
  • Naira Obligations
  • Up to 100%
  • Senior Ranking Obligations
  • Non-Acceleration
  • Up to 20 year Maturity
  • Pari Passu Rights
  • Subrogation Rights

Legal Documentation

  • Deed of Guarantee
  • Recourse Agreement
  • Security Deed