InfraCredit is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and best practices, we have a well-established and effective corporate governance framework.

New Business Committee
The New Business Committee provides an initial review of potential transactions ahead of detailed due diligence & term sheet negotiation with the potential client. New Business Committee approval of a transaction is an approval to proceed with negotiations and not a final credit risk approval.

Board Credit Committee
This Committee reviews and endorses (with power to veto) guarantee proposals recommended by the Executive Management, exercise oversight of the guarantee products, underwriting strategies and objectives of the Company, including reviewing the guarantee policy from time to time.

Board Risk & Capital Committee
This Committee ensures the risk management functions and practices of the Company are conducted and discharged effectively to ensure management and mitigation of key risks, including reviewing the quality and performance of Company’s guarantee portfolio. The Committee ensures that the company invests and manages its capital resources in a professional and prudent manner.

Board Audit Committee
The Audit Committee is responsible for the review of the financial statements of the Company and provide oversight of the financial reporting and disclosure process, the audit process, the system of internal controls and compliance with laws and regulations.

Board Remuneration & Nomination Committee
This Committee ensures that the Board has the appropriate balance and size, and the required mix of skills, experience and other core competencies, and to ensure that the Company can attract and retain the right expertise of executives required to run and manage the company successfully.

Board Finance & General Purpose Committee
The Finance & General Purpose Committee exercises oversight responsibility with respect to the Company’s material and strategic financial matters, including those related to the funding, budgeting, expenditure and general operational and financial structure.

Executive Management Committee
The Management Committee, chaired by the CEO, deals with the implementation of business strategy and day-to-day operational matters including the endorsement of underwriting transactions for the Board Credit Committee’s approval.

Our governance standards are designed to foster accountability, transparency and international best practices